Rules for writing essays. Basic requirements for essays

26 Oct 2019 05:12

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In order to successfully complete an essay, you need to read a lot, know the requirements, have practical skills and the necessary supply of knowledge. With such baggage, I can pass the entrance exams to the university.

When writing an essay, you will need to choose the most important points of a work of art, formulate a theme and reveal it from all sides. Undoubtedly, the analysis of any works is distinguished by its specificity. You must have a large amount of literary knowledge, so if in your free time you can be found reading a book, then you are on the right track. Or, doing any of your favorite things, whether it’s website optimization, writing poetry, even creating a graduation party script, you will replenish your knowledge. Having any stock of knowledge, they must be skillfully applied in practice. Knowing the composition of the composition, this will be easy.

Scheme for writing an essay

1. Title, author, history of creation.
2. The location of the work in the literary era and the attitude of contemporaries.
3. Thematic and ideological basis.
4. The main theme, conflict, problem.
5. The main directions of content.
6. Portraits and characteristics of the main characters.
7. The plot structure.
8. The position of the author.
9. The artistic direction of the work and style.
10. Own attitude to the work.

You must also know what requirements are imposed on the style of writing.
1. Thoughts should be clear and presented in order.
2. In the essay, it is necessary to show the logical train of thought, the ability to draw conclusions, knowledge of the work, as well as a personal opinion of what is written.
3. The total size of the essay, as a rule, is not more than four and a half and not less than three and a half sheets of handwritten text. The introduction and the ending should occupy a quarter of the total volume, and the main part - three quarters of the text.
4. For an essay, two ratings are set: for content and literacy. Therefore, repeating the grammar would be very timely.
5. To reveal the theme of the composition, knowledge of the plot of the work, plot, symbolism and idea is necessary. It is good to use biographical material for the preparation.

Skills in conducting scientific research and artistic analysis, the ability to correctly and beautifully express your thoughts - all this will definitely come in handy in life, even when your main business will be website promotion, or maybe when you will be teaching at school, and just in such skills are necessary in life.

Analysis of previous exams revealed a number of common shortcomings that are inherent in school essays.

1. Poor knowledge of the source text, the biography of the writer.
2. Lack of personal attitude to the described work. Preservation of compositional requirements while writing. Transition to the next thought without a logical component.
3. Lack of analysis, art form and specificity of the composition.
4. Lack of argumentation, incorrect stylistic design.

A few guidelines for writing essays
1. The composition you wrote should show the level of your erudition, the ability to defend your point of view.
2. Choose the theme of the composition of the work that you remember the most.
3. Do not use a large number of quotes, everything should be in moderation. Do not forget about having your own thoughts in the essay.
4. The volume of the work is agreed in advance. If you have opened a topic, but have not reached a given volume, it is better to finish. But if the volume is fulfilled, and the topic is not disclosed, then it is better to write until this happens.
5. In an essay on a free topic should be revealed the skills of literary writing.

It doesn’t matter what area of ​​activity you will choose in your future profession: whether it will be the creation of websites on the Internet or the development of programs on television, maybe it will be pedagogical activity, and you will be the future director of the school. In any case, following these rules, you will worthily write an essay and get closer to your dream.

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