How to choose and buy a good vape?

15 Jan 2020 15:19

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Recently, more and more people are using electronic evaporators; by 2021, their number is projected to increase to 55 million people. And the fact that you can buy a vape right now at every corner only confirms that the industry is developing at a very fast pace.

Why is vaping so popular?

  • Vapes are popular because they are the best alternative to smoking tobacco . The first vaporizers were created as a less harmful and more convenient alternative to tobacco smoking. According to a UK Department of Health report, this is the most effective way to quit smoking. Also, as a result of research by the Ministry, vaporizers turned out to be 95% less harmful than regular cigarettes, and according to recent European studies, 99% less harmful than traditional smoking.
  • Popular because they do not create inconvenience to others. Unlike regular cigarettes, vaping can be soared without smoke, unpleasant odors and ashes; accordingly, you will not have to interfere with others or litter the place to smoke. The aromatic variations that the vape market is rich in, on the contrary, can pleasantly surprise people around.
  • They provide experience using on a level with modern high-tech devices. Modern vapes from major manufacturers look very stylish and resemble Apple devices in their sophistication in design.
  • Switching to vape can save some money. With rising tobacco prices, wallet damage has become one of the main factors for people who switch from classic cigarettes. Having bought a vape once, consumables in the form of liquids will cost you about 40% cheaper than regular cigarettes.
  • They give the opportunity to stand out in the crowd. Young people are always attracted by the opportunity to be different from others, and the market for vaping devices allows you to choose an original vape that no one else will have. In truth, the choice in vape shops is so great, and there are so many devices and manufacturers that it is difficult for a potential buyer to figure it out on their own.

Types of vapes and their features

The standard classification of vapes includes 6 types in size - from supermini to massive mods (from A to F). And there are three types of refueling systems: open, closed and capsule. If for steam you need to independently fill in the liquid in the vaporizer tank, such a device is an open type. You can find many of them on

If the device is disposable and cannot be refilled or recharged, then this is a closed system. Capsule systems instead of self-refueling offer a convenient and most importantly fast system of replaceable cartridges that are connected in one motion. Let's look at the most popular devices on the market:

Capsule type electronic vaporizers

At first glance, this is the most uncomplicated type of vape, but the first impression is misleading. It is these evaporators that top the lists of sales of vape shops in 2019, because they use the latest technology. These vapes are ideal for those who want to use them as an alternative to classic smoking. The devices are characterized by maximum convenience and ease of use even for a user who is trying vaping for the first time. A minimum of buttons or their absence , an intuitive interface, cartridges or capsules instead of ordinary liquid for vape are the main features of this type.

Box mods for open vaping

This species two years ago contributed to the popularization of vaping around the world and most often appeared in illustrations in the media. The device usually looks like a massive box, combined with a large mouthpiece. The box is called a vape mod and delivers energy to the system, and the mouthpiece is an atomizer that vaporizes vapor. Box mods are attractive for their power, enclosed in massive vape modes , and a variety of ways to customize and customize for themselves. The atomizer and mod are sold separately or bundled, and experienced users assemble the kit themselves.

Special buttons control the temperature and puff power - from cigarette to hookah. Vape liquids are usually poured manually, which is not very easy to do on your own at first. Such vapes are more expensive than capsule-type devices and are recommended for people who are already familiar with vaping and know what they want.

These are devices for advanced users who have been hovering for years. In mechanical mods, digital details are completely absent. The absence of power adjustments and protective boards makes such vapes unsafe for beginners. In addition to obvious disadvantages, mechanical mods have advantages for which they are appreciated. These include: simplicity of design, better power and autonomy in relation to size, and a large amount of steam generated, which is liked by vapers participating in vape contests (competitions in figured steam production).

The best vapes for beginners are closed capsule type evaporators. Vape shops in Russia can offer a large assortment of such vapes; they vary significantly in cost, quality and features. As a win-win starter kit, my blu vaporizers can be recommended . This is a well-known and time-tested European brand that appeared in Russia not so long ago.

Myblu features

my blu is designed to maximize the sensation of soaring to classic smoking. To start to steam, you don’t need to press anything, steam is supplied automatically as soon as you take a puff. The power and volume of steam are also close to ordinary cigarettes, it will not be possible to envelop the entire room with smoke, but this is more of a plus than a minus if you are not going to participate in contests, although this device can provide.

my blu is a capsule system, so you don’t have to bother with pouring special slurry, risking getting dirty. The manufacturer has already done everything necessary for you to start hovering, you just need to attach the cartridge, literally, in one motion. At the same time, the assortment and quality of liquids have a very rich selection, which is a significant advantage of my blu in comparison with competitors.

A battery is like a car engine, the main part of any vape. The up my blu installed capacious battery with 350 mAh. with a special system of protection against electric circuits, which charges in just 15 minutes, and it lasts for a whole day. The best vapes of this type will envy such energy intensity .

The size of the device allows you to put it in a small pocket and not feel like something is pulling your pants, and the minimalistic design of the vape makes the device universal. And, of course, the main factor in favor of this vape is the best value for money. Vape my blu is inexpensive and will not hit your wallet, so the world of vaping can be safely opened from this device.

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